Know about Bigg Boss 17 Episode 67 on Serial Maza

bigg boss 17 episode 67 on seriel maza

Today, we are going to learn about the Big Boss 17 episode 67 on Seriel Maza. Let’s get started…

About the Episode:

In this episode, the atmosphere in the house becomes serious as nominations take place. A sweet mehfil painted by the colors of shayari turns dark as contestants face the possibility of eviction. The drama unfolds, alliances are tested, and emotions run high.

Who got nominated in this episode?

In Episode 67 of Bigg Boss 17, the following contestants were nominated:

  1. Riya
  2. Kabir
  3. Neha

The tension is high as they await the results. Tune in to see who survives the eviction this week!

What were the reasons behind their nominations?

The following are the reasons behind their nominations:

  1. Riya: She was nominated due to her frequent arguments with other housemates, which created a tense atmosphere.
  2. Kabir: His lack of participation in household chores and conflicts with fellow contestants led to his nomination.
  3. Neha: Neha’s secretive behavior and inability to connect with others contributed to her nomination.

The housemates’ actions and interactions played a significant role in these decisions.

What are some memorable moments from this episode?

Here are some memorable moments from Bigg Boss 17, Episode 67:

  1. The Shayari Mehfil: Contestants gathered in the garden area for a shayari session. The atmosphere was light-hearted until tensions escalated during nominations.
  2. Riya vs. Kabir: Riya and Kabir engaged in a heated argument over household duties. Their clash became the talk of the house.
  3. Neha’s Emotional Breakdown: Neha confided in her close friend, Aman, about feeling isolated. Her emotional breakdown touched everyone.
  4. Secret Alliances: Housemates speculated about secret alliances forming behind closed doors. Whispers and suspicions added intrigue.

How to watch the show?

You can watch the show on the following platforms:

  • Click here to watch the episode on JioCinema.
  • You can watch the show directly on Voot.
  • Video highlights of the episode is available on YouTube.

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